Loss Prevention

Our system was originally designed around Theft Prevention and is an excellent deterrent against theft.  When a retailer catches a shoplifter, their face is entered into the RecognizeAnyone database.  If the shoplifter ever enters the store again the RecognizeAnyone system alerts security personal to the shoplifter and gives them their location.


The shoplifter is then held and arrested for trespassing.  The trespassing charge is much easier to prosecute so this works as a savings to the store.


Previously identified shoplifters can also be watch and tracked once security is alerted to their presence.  If the shoplifter tries to lift again video can be used to record the crime.


Retailers who choose to share the data, will allow other stores to be notified when a past shoplifter has entered the store.  This shared data still belongs to the retailer but this can be used to alert other stores.  For retailers who share their data, we offer a discount on the system.