How it works

  1. Allows faces to be enrolled into categories

  2. Individuals in specific categories can be tied to specific trigger event notifications

  3. Event notifications can trigger things like sounds, mobile device notifications, and serial port strings for access control systems.

  4. Access control allows you to control things like doors and locks through a serial interface from within the software based on notifications (no coding required). (August 2017)

  5. Computer systems can take multiple IP camera feeds and detect faces realtime.

  6. Multiple computers can process many cameras and connect reports to a central computer.

  7. Central computer controls entire system.

  8. Upon recognition, notification can be sent to any mobile device.

  9. Customizable notification to your device. You can send the detected image, as well as the enrolled image to the device when a detection occurs. You can format the information how you want and can even send the GPS location of the camera as part of the customized information.

  10. Customizable Reports can be made and output to standard spreadsheets so that raw data can be converted into useful reports. Reports can be built across multiple cameras and slave nodes.