A cost-effective solution for high end businesses and casinos, our system allows very small cameras to be placed in inconspicuous locations near eye level so that you can recognize VIP’s or Blacklisted individuals.  A notification will be sent to all devices connected to that area / camera that this person needs immediate service.  You can have the notification tied to specific people you want to notify who service that area / camera.

All cameras can be connected to a single master system via WiFi.  So all important VIP’s or blacklisted individuals can be added and removed from a single location.  The system works wirelessly over your WiFi so installation is very easy.

Having Recognize Anyone at your Casino allows you to improve your security and operations, and increase your risk management by adding a real time facial recognition layer to your security management. You now can track and identify black listed people, high rollers and basically anyone you enrol into your system’s data base.


  • Identify your VIP’s and track whereabouts
  • Stop unwanted and blacklisted individuals at the door
  • Track employees whereabouts and behavior
  • Provide visitor demographics such as visitor count, age, gender and ethnicity
  • You can easily create and manage your own watch list. Furthermore, it also allows you to convert an already stored list from the database
  • Ability to create user defined events and receive instant alerts based on these events
  • Use as access control
  • Can be customized to meet any user requirements