Biometric Cards

Biometric Access Control Cards

Recognize Anyone offers one of the top solutions for biometric access.  We have the most secure biometric access cards in the industry using a patented biometric technology that is unmatched in the industry.  Your data is secure and you never even need to store your personal data on a cloud, it goes with you wherever you are and cannot be accessed by anyone.  You can be certain that the person who has access control to the system.  Our systems include these features depending on your needs:

  1. Enhanced and Secure Drivers License

  2. Healthcare Identification

  3. Insurance ID card

  4. Secure Biometric Payment / Credit Card

  5. Boarder / Travel ID card

  6. Employment ID card

  7. National Voter ID card

  8. Physical and Logical Access Control Cards

  9. Fingerprint access required

  10. RFID

  11. NFC

  12. Photo