Security, Detection, Identification Key Features Cost Effective Solution

Security, Detection, Identification

The Recognize Anyone Facial Recognition System is an accurate, windows-based platform that easily allows users to identify individuals, classify them into categories, and send various kinds of notifications to systems and mobile devices. Setup is easy and you can use the system to open doors to allow authorized entrants

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Key Features

* Faces are enrolled into categories. VIP, BLACKLIST, etc. * Individuals within a category can be tied to area specific trigger notifications. Server or security. * Event notifications can trigger sounds, mobile devices and serial port strings for access control. * Real Time tracking and detection of multiple faces. * Reporting from multiple cameras and slave computers into a central Master computer (centralized system for multiple access points). * Last seen feature allows you to find someone's last location. footage and scanned across other stored footage. * Area access given to specific employees for specific areas.

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Cost Effective Solution

* Deemphasis on servers allows us to create a cost effective system that works. * Proprietary algorithms means we do not need to pay license fees for algorithms or server costs. * Pay as you go lowers initial costs and you pay only as you are satisfied * Let us setup a no risk money back guarantee pilot where we install 2 cameras for testing.

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A cost-effective solution for high end businesses and casinos, our system allows very small cameras to be placed in inconspicuous locations near eye level so that you can recognize VIP’s or Blacklisted individuals.  A notification will be sent to all devices connected to that area / camera that this person needs immediate service.  You can […]

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Attendance Tracking

Our system can quietly track attendance with no apparent interaction needed.  Churches and other organizations can use this system to see who is showing up to events and measure the level of commitment for specific individuals.  Our system also allows access control (open doors ) based on positive face detection which can be used for […]

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Loss Prevention

Our system was originally designed around Theft Prevention and is an excellent deterrent against theft.  When a retailer catches a shoplifter, their face is entered into the RecognizeAnyone database.  If the shoplifter ever enters the store again the RecognizeAnyone system alerts security personal to the shoplifter and gives them their location.   The shoplifter is […]

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How it works

  1. Allows faces to be enrolled into categories

  2. Individuals in specific categories can be tied to specific trigger event notifications

  3. Event notifications can trigger things like sounds, mobile device notifications, and serial port strings for access control systems.

  4. Access control allows you to control things like doors and locks through a serial interface from within the software based on notifications (no coding required). (August 2017)

  5. Computer systems can take multiple IP camera feeds and detect faces realtime.

  6. Multiple computers can process many cameras and connect reports to a central computer.

  7. Central computer controls entire system.

  8. Upon recognition, notification can be sent to any mobile device.

  9. Customizable notification to your device. You can send the detected image, as well as the enrolled image to the device when a detection occurs. You can format the information how you want and can even send the GPS location of the camera as part of the customized information.

  10. Customizable Reports can be made and output to standard spreadsheets so that raw data can be converted into useful reports. Reports can be built across multiple cameras and slave nodes.


  9/12/2017 RecognizeAnyone announces its stand alone camera product that interconnects to a master computer over Wifi.  This system offers a theoretical unlimited number of cameras. /n   5/25/2017 launches it’s new groundbreaking algorithms that allow you to cost effectively add Facial Recognition to your business to, catch criminals, identify VIP customers, or secure […]

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